Worst Night of My Life

So i just got in and i literally had the worst experience of my life so far.

I was at my friends house when i got a message from my parents saying they could no longer pick me up, m friends parents could not give me a lift either so that left one choice..walk. It had become dark and i mean dark but i knew i had to go home sometime and it was either now or later and then it would have been worst. nyway, i left her house and walked towards the hill i had to walk up when i came across a gang of chavs, they were playing with fireworks and drinking and then one started to shout ‘oi oi’ so i kept my head down shaking inside but i managed to get through them without any trouble, although one of the boys did follow me to the bottom of the hill and then stopped. After that i was walking up the hill when an old man was walking his dog, pretty innocent, wrong it was dark and late he was out with his dog eyeing me up then started to approach me i had to run up that hill, it is usually a 20 minute walk uo that hill i got up there in 5, the old man was yelling at me the entire way i could barely breathe but i thought i was going to go, the end, i got to the top panting more than ever barely breathing when 2 more drunks were there and tried to approach me i had to pretend to walk into a house little did i know this was the same plan as a homeless man, i scared the guy so bad that he started shouting and swearing and i started crying tears streaming but i continued running next thing i know i was nearly bonneted by a black car which pulled up next to me and opened the door, i was not hanging around to see what happened and so i kept running by now i could barely breathe and felt like i was about to pass out. At that moment i realised i was almost home but then the druggy appered from the lane and i had nowhere to go i managed to kick him and run back into my house but seriously that could have went wrong.

The real reason i wanted to share my experience is because i want everyone to realise how sick this world has become, people have to be scared for their lives to simply walk home, girls are told all these scary stories and yet if they fear them for even a moment they are thought of as attention seeking, weak, pathetic and a whole bunch more. I was scared, i was fearing for my life, call me pathetic and call me what you want but the reality is society is fucked now a days, trust nobody and stay with someone at all times. Sad to think i can’t enjoy my quiet small town anymore


Todays cruise

So today i was sat staring into the wilderness as i drove past the trees and scenary, headphones in, feeling like one of those characters in the movies. My pennyboard was to my right and everything else didnt seem to exist. My mind became blank of all the stress and details of the upcoming exams, everything but the thoughts of me and my board. My sunglasses were on and the sun was burning so bright my face was becoming heated through the glass of the window.

I arrived at around 12pm and i got out of my car and felt the heat hit me, nothing could have felt better, the floor was smooth as could be and the slight warm breeze just added to the experience. I placed the pennyboard and took that first push, it was breathless! i cruised for hours just listening to music adventuring through this new found area, it was perfect!

Tthis gave me so much time to think about everything, all of the sress i had no longer seemed important i felt free and alone but not that alone where you want to cry but instead the alone where you feel on top of the world like nothing could be better. The families i saw looked so happy and it made me realise what ive been missing staying at home for so long. I am so happy i took todays cruise, the car journey home was a whole different journey, i was smiling and talking the entire way.

i love cruising

Hey, so i’m Meegan and well im 16 years old and just need a space to talk about the things i am most passionate about. So basically, the past holidays i have been planning my move home to Australia and i have really changed as a person, my passion for surfing and pennyboarding have come out more now than ever and i justfelt like i needed to make something of this. My photography interest has completly begun to shine as everyday i am seeing things at a different perspective and point of view, i begin questioning the meaning to each thing i see and creating an art. I just feel like a blig would be the best thing for me to share my experiences and see if i share them with any of you!

I only just got in from Pennyboarding and im currently waxing my surfboard i will try and keep this blog updated as much as possible.